When we smell, we become part of the world around us. AirSolutions is a scent agency that amplifies the story of a brand by drawing on the power of our most immediate sense. We work across various fields such as fashion, scenography, hospitality, architecture and public space, creating remarkable (unexpected), sentient encounters that blend imagination and reality into layered scent compositions.

We believe in scented air as an untapped medium and that physical spaces contain multiple possibilities for sensory communication. We are passionate about connecting with an audience on a profound and personal level; one that transcends audio and visual perception to provide an enduring, intimate experience.

AirSolutions is founded by Niklaus Mettler and Mathias Ringgenberg/PRICE. Mettler is a perfumer for the house In’n’out Fragrances with a background in visual communication. PRICE is a trans-disciplinary artist that has worked in architecture and art direction. Together, they draw on a shared interest in the olfactory customs of the past, the new technologies of the present as well as the mediums of performance and branding to forge new structures in the world of scent.

Niklaus Mettler and Mathias Ringgenberg in Tanzhaus Zurich, 2023.
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