Mimicking the familiar bustle of commuter traffic, Aaro Murphy tasked AirSolutions to create what resulted in the design of a scent-in-transit to invoke the sterile, clean feeling of an office building. We developed this scent with subtle hints reminiscent of rubber and conditioned air, complemented by a tinge of green apple – a symbolic nod to the shallow mindfulness of corporate environments. Adding an olfactory layer to the multisensory arrangement, the scent scape was infused with a cold air diffusing system alluding to a city even without a perceptible cityscape.

Aaro Murphy used our scent scape for the kinetic installation, Semantic Noise featured in the group show Commuters which consisted of four pillared speakers coded to swirl rotary sound effects, a technical lighting design, and two-channel videos set in Amsterdam’s infamous techno club De School.

Project: Scentscape for kinetic- multisensory installation, 2019
Client: Aaro Murphy
Curation: Robbie Schweiger

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