For PRICE’s Gessneralle debut L’Air du Temps (breathing my beloved in), AirSolutions developed two scent scapes. Deodorized evokes the soft and white floral qualities of tuberose set alongside the dancers while sanitized stimulates the scent of a glass cleaner marking a drastic shift mid-performance. Crafted for a pneumatic ventilation system, these scentscapes later took the focus off stage in PRICE’s solo exhibition, L’Air du Temps (Air Conditions) at Kunsthaus Pasquard Biel. Drawing inspiration from a 1948 French fragrance that captured the optimistic clarity of post-WWII Europe, the idea was to create a synthetically conditioned unease founded on the history of deodorization, sanitation, and the politics of air. AirSolutions partnered with FabricAir to craft the custom ventilation system that carried our scent scapes into both sites.

Project: Scentscape for theatre production and museum Kunsthaus Pasquard
Client: PRICE
Collaboration: FabricAir
Curation: Patrick de Rahm, Joshua Wicke, Paul Bernard

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